2023 Grade 7 – 12
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The Experiential Discovery of Education & Innovation

As an online school built on experiential learning and innovation, Woodridge Connect celebrates your unique sense of curiosity to create a connection to learning and prepare you for life beyond the classroom.


Join a community that enables you to make the most of the future, and the present.

It’s more than an online school.  It’s a lifestyle focused on breaking boundaries.

Changing the norm to provide you with an online learning experience like no other.

Broaden your horizons at a ground-breaking online school offering a forward-thinking, technological and unique experiential learning structure.

Our IEB registered curriculum encourages you to think critically and solve problems creatively. We prepare you for learning beyond your matric, equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need for university and life beyond.

Experiential Digital Integration

Access a range of high-quality, digital platforms that enhance your online learning experience, all on one device.

Self-determined Learning

Identify your educational needs, formulate your studying goals, implement problem-solving strategies, and increase your learning capabilities.

Data-driven Insights

Using background data, we analyse your educational preferences and interests to curate content and resources. This unique approach ensures an interesting and supportive learning experience based on your individual needs.

Human Connection

We are connected with you. Through peer-to-peer learning, personal mentoring and fun Woodridge Connect community sessions, we connect and share knowledge to empower everyone in our online learning community.

Safety & Security

Our online learning environment is a haven where each learner is protected against cyber-attacks, access to inappropriate content and bullying.

Freedom & Flexibility

We offer you the flexibility to control your learning experience by signing up to one or many courses, so that you can build an education that suits you and your child’s unique academic and lifestyle needs.

Maximise your potential and find your purpose.

Be prepared to play your part in a future that needs you. Be part of the education revolution – one where purpose is paramount, passion is nurtured and learning is a holistic experience that  goes far beyond classrooms, books and screens.

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The future is here. It’s time to embark on a lifelong journey of integrated learning, one where relevant knowledge is understood and cemented through experience.



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