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Woodridge Connect is a private online high school that offers practical and diverse learning
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2023 Grade 7 – 12

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Join an online learning programme that enables you to make the most of the present while preparing for the future.


Woodridge Connect is a leading private online high school that provides a forward-thinking education experience for the digital age. As an affiliate of the prestigious Woodridge College in the Eastern Cape and proud partner of Jendamark Automation, Woodridge Connect aims to echo its sense of freedom and ethos of exploration and self-discovery.

Maximise your potential and find your purpose through virtual learning.

Our IEB and International Curriculum prepare you for a future that needs engaged young thinkers. Be part of the education revolution – one where purpose is paramount, passion is nurtured, and learning is a holistic experience that goes far beyond classrooms, books and screens. Woodridge Connect is a new frontier for digital self-discovery.

An education focussed on individual development through innovative technology.

At Woodridge Connect, we focus on providing learners with experiences that offer opportunities to develop the skills they need in the 21st century, equipping them to thrive in the future beyond the classroom. We do this by providing support and resources that are tailored to your individual needs and interests.

Experiential Digital Integration

We provide our learners with one device that allows them to do all things school-related on one platform. This provides them with access to a range of high-quality digital platforms which enhance their distance learning experience.

Self-determined Learning

Through the establishment of learning goals, we ensure learners receive the support needed to reach them.

Data-driven Insights

Using background data, we analyse your educational preferences and interests to curate content and resources. This unique approach ensures an interesting and supportive experience based on the individual needs of our online learners.

Human Connection

With online facilitated sessions we encourage peer-to-peer engagement, plus learners can join clubs and sports to develop their social connection, empowering everyone in our online learning community.

Safety & Security

Our specialised technology protects learners from being exposed to harmful and inappropriate content.

Freedom & Flexibility

Through the mobility of our device, our learners can learn wherever and whenever they like.

format_quotePersonalized learning as you've never experienced before! Would absolutely keep on recommending!

Maryke Taute Muller, Parent of Woodridge Connect learner
format_quoteI really enjoy Woodridge Connect online due to the fact that it is super flexible, meaning I could do my work on my own prefered time and still have time to head to the gym. They even offer you a coach who will guide you through your work,schedule and what needs to be done. So ain't no way you are gonna fall behind.

Nikilitha Rala, Grade 9 Woodridge Connect learner
format_quoteI love Woodridge Connect! I am part of a team, but at the same time I am independent. I have learnt so many new things this past year, it is so exciting! I love the small group that I'm in and it beats sitting in a class of 34 other grade 8's.There is amazing flexibility and great interaction when I need help. WOODRIDGE CONNECT IS THE BEST !!!!!

Hayley Pike, Grade 8 Woodridge Connect learner

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