How Woodridge Connect aims for excellence as an online high school

Jan 23, 2023 | Latest News

Excellence Online High School

We know that being dynamic is key to succeeding, and this is the core reason behind our thorough and continuous research in technology, education and situational factors and developments, not only in South Africa but globally.

At Woodridge Connect, we focus on providing learners with experiences that offer opportunities to develop the skills they need in the 21st century, equipping them to thrive in the future beyond the classroom. We do this by providing support and resources that are tailored to their individual needs and interests.
We believe in always putting learners first, and we are passionate about retaining a personal interest in our learners and their families. Woodridge “Connect” is about just that, we cannot serve you well if we don’t connect with you first! We will always remain committed to providing easily accessible support, which is why each learner is assigned a dedicated Academic Coach who will provide the support needed to flourish holistically.

Our self-paced lessons are built with gamified and engaging content, which allows the learners to process the content using an inquiry-based approach, making the content more relatable. We are committed to keeping our live classes to a maximum of ten learners to allow learners ample opportunity to ask questions and receive personalised support.
To enhance the experience of our learners, we employ only the best educators through our high-quality staff recruitment process. The educators and staff of Woodridge Connect are highly qualified and experienced in education, ensuring the learners are being equipped with the skills needed to attain their internationally recognised matric. Our educators are solely responsible for developing the academic material, presenting the content, marking of activities and providing the necessary feedback and support throughout the learning process. We believe that this is one aspect of Woodridge Connect that makes us stand out in the online schooling environment.

As our school’s infrastructure is dependent on technology, we work closely with our technological partners, Odin Education, who help us ensure our learners are being provided with up-to-date technology and user-friendly devices. Along with this, we have developed several ‘offline’ components to overcome connectivity issues and power-cuts. We adhere to our ethos of offering quality education no matter where our learners are, and our specialised technology equips us to do this.
We believe in offering a holistic experience to our learners, which solidifies our belief in the value of participating in extramural activities. We host social and community-based events for our learners and aim to collaborate with clubs that allow them to pursue their interests in sports. To equip our learners with 21st Century Skills, we are continuously searching for opportunities that will enable them to develop themselves. This links to our offering of self-paced lessons, giving our learners the freedom and flexibility to stay up to date with their education and not forfeiting extramural opportunities.

To find out more about us and what makes us different, please visit our website – or reach out to us on We are available to offer guidance and answer any questions you may have.