Want to know about your Online Learning Environment?

Will my child have a teacher?

Your child will be surrounded by a team of teaching professionals. These include:

  • A subject teacher who will provide the content that your child will work on independently during time-tabled lessons.
  • A facilitator who will manage live classes. The facilitator will reinforce content studied independently by your child and answer questions.
  • An academic head responsible for reviewing your child’s progress, collating their results, monitoring their progress and, where necessary, liaising with parents on academic matters.
What will my role be in my child's education at Woodridge Connect?
  • At Woodridge Connect, we believe that teamwork between parents, educators and students is vital for developing the whole person.
  • Beyond providing the physical tools for learning and a dedicated workspace where your child can focus on their work, you are your child’s motivator and accountability partner.
  • For more info on the Woodridge Connect approach, click here.
How do I know that my child is attending classes?
  • Our system allows us to track attendance and engagement with the content and submission of assignments.
  • This information, along with other interesting facts about your child, will be shared on the parent dashboard to allow you to track their progress.
What happens if my child misses a class?
  • Live classes are extremely beneficial and pupils are strongly encouraged to attend these in real-time.
  • However, should a child not be able to attend a live session, recordings of these sessions will be available and pupils are expected to review these as part of their assigned content.
  • Any patterns of inactivity as a result of non-engagement will be identified and remedial action will be taken to enable your child to catch up the outstanding work.
Will learners have a timetable?

Pupils will have a weekly timetable that includes:

  • Suggested self-paced learning that must take place during the week
  • Live lessons scheduled for the week
  • Peer group learning and tutoring sessions
  • Co-working sessions when needed
  • Assignment and homework due dates
  • Live sessions scheduled for any extra-mural activities they have signed up for

A pacing tool will also be available to allow learners to track the progress expected of them.

What happens if there is load-shedding and the teacher can't be present?

These sessions will either be:

  • Re-scheduled
  • Pre-recorded and released once load-shedding ends, or
  • Facilitated via a chat group
What's the difference between Woodridge Connect and homeschooling?
  • At Woodridge Connect the pupil gets the benefit of a structured, yet flexible, programme hosted by teachers who are responsible for delivering the content and assessing the learner’s work and progress.
  • Homeschooling, on the other hand, requires you as the parent to take on the role of teacher, facilitator, marker, mentor and guide.
How much are Woodridge Connect school fees?
  • The school fees (excluding extra-murals) start from R40,500 if paid in full upfront.
  • An upfront deposit of R6,000 is required if the fees are settled via debit order over 10 months.
  • A monthly debit order of R4, 500 for 10 months will be accepted.
  • For more details on fees and packages, click here.
What advantages does Woodridge Connect have over other online schools?
  • Woodridge Connect is an online school built on a multifaceted experiential discovery of education that fosters a secure sense of curiosity beyond the constructs of traditional lessons.
  • At Woodridge Connect, we go beyond the ordinary, changing the narrative to provide our students with an experience that transcends online schooling. We do this by offering a forward-thinking, technological, and unique learning structure built to connect our learners to the best resources possible.
  • As an online school breaking boundaries, we encourage experience and discovery-based learning by providing learners with the opportunity to study according to their interests. If your child is interested in sport or world travel, we provide resources relevant to their interests as part of their educational experience.
  • Through data, we provide parents with insights into what their child is interested in, how we have stimulated and encouraged their growth in that area and make recommendations for extra-curricular activities that will suit their preference.
  • Our online school provides a wide range of clubs, extramural activities and short courses designed to compliment your child’s learning experience while developing their social skills to grow their leadership qualities. Visit our curriculum page to find out more about the extramural activities we offer.
  • Our online school is built on a secure network and each learner’s device is issued by the school. The software also regulates that the device is used for educational purposes only, which means certain sites are restricted. Our firewall detects and blocks ransomware at the gateway, and prevents access to inappropriate websites and stops risky files from being downloaded.
Which software is included in the school fees?

Your child’s device is equipped with all the required tools and will have access to the necessary platforms to allow them to engage effectively in the classroom.

Your child will receive a Woodridge Connect email address for tasks, communication and assignments.

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