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Kristine Tudhope CA (SA)


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Kristine is a Chartered Accountant and was the top student in each year of her studies. Kristine was also the dux of her high school. Her high standards of excellence are what guides her in recruiting the right team. Kristine is dedicated to success and will stop at nothing until she reaches it. This work ethic is what inspires her team to work hard. She believes in leading by example which is clearly evident in her team’s motivation to succeed.

Dave Emslie

Business Manager

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Dave holds a wealth of experience in the education space and has held positions in prestigious schools and successful corporations. With his invaluable knowledge and passion for education, Dave birthed the concept of Woodridge Connect. Through Dave’s guidance and support, the Woodridge Connect team can confidently ensure quality offerings.

Chanelle Conlon

Academic Head

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Chanelle has her Degree in Education as well as her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Her teaching philosophy focuses on unlocking learners’ full potential which she strives to achieve through holistic and inclusive education. Chanelle’s experience and knowledge in education is what ensures our academic offering is held to an international standard through high quality assurance.

Dr Catherine Logie

Academic Advisor

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Dr Logie is the Deputy Head of Academics at Woodridge College, our proud partner. Dr Logie’s in-depth knowledge of the education environment is why Woodridge Connect values her and seeks her advice in all decisions.

Sherona de Villiers

Admissions Custodian

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Sherona was one of the first members of the Woodridge Connect team.  She has more than 10 years experience in private schools, and this is evident in her role.  Because of this, she is the pillar that the rest of the team leans on.

Ajit Gopalakrishnan

Technical Partner

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Ajit is the head of Odin Education, division of Jendamark Automation Odin Education are the developers of the devices which our learners are prescribed and through Ajit’s knowledge of the IT industry, he is able to develop the learners experience to one that is safe, quality assured and personlised.

Chelsea Steyn

Marketing and Brand Connector

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Chelsea holds Post Graduate qualifications in both Public Relations, with a specialist focus on branding, and Education with her research in supporting learners move from dependent to independent learners. Her passion for both industries is clearly seen in her drive to thrive attitude that she brings to the team. Chelsea holds herself to a very high standard which complements Woodridge Connect’s ethos.

Amy Jansen van Vuuren


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Amy has her Honours in Education. Her teaching philosophy is that students learn by doing and when applying learning to their own lives; making learning relevant.
Amy has three kiddies, two are identical twins, this has helped her master the skill of juggling numerous tasks at once and this shows in the diversity she brings to the team.

Daniella da Camara


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Daniella has her Masters in English Literature. Her teaching philosophy is ‘learning should be fun, engaging and accessible for students in the 21st century context.

Daniella has a great passion for English and History and is known as “Geek Queen” due to her love of all things nerdy.

Angie Niemand


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Angie has her Degree in Education. Her teaching philosophy is based or a holistic approach to develop each student independently and uniquely.

Angie spent four years teaching in the UAE and teaches three main subjects, adding to the standard of two. Angie is proudly a Golden Key Honour Society member for
graduating in the top 15% of her studies.

Nontokozo Precious Masanabo


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Nontokozo has her Masters in Education. Her teaching philosophy is ‘teach from
the heart. no act of kindness is ever wasted’.

Nontokozo is also the proud director of a NPO which specialises in kindness projects for underprivileged communities. Her kindness is felt in all she does at WC.

Amelia Havemann


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Amelia has her Honours in Education. Her teaching philosophy “a positive environment leads to a positive experience which results in growth’

Amelia is the founding director of a PO which develops education programmes for underprivileged communities. She is also involved in other educational development projects and her love for education is evident in all she does.

Karla Kleynhans


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Karla has her Degree in Linguistic and Literary Studies as well as her Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Her teaching philosophy is focused on enhancing students’ creativity by always encouraging them to think outside of the box.

Karla proudly helps her learners achieve above average marks for literature subjects and this high standard is what we value at Woodridge Connect.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt –

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