2022 School Calendar

The student timetable is flexible and may change week to week to accommodate each learner’s preferred learning style.

Term 1

Onboarding Week

25 – 28 January

First Term Starts

31 January

Half Term

4 – 8 March

Test Series

4 – 8 April

First Term Ends

14 April

Term 2

Second Term Starts

4 May

Half Term

16 – 27 June

Mid-year Exams

18 – 29 July

Second Term Ends

4 August

Term 3

Third Term Starts

30 August

Half Term

12 – 17 October

End-year Exams

17 – 30 November

Third Term Ends

1 December


“Enjoyable social interaction, community and laughter has a healing effect on the mind and body.”

– Bryant McGill –

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