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2022 Fees

Full tuition at Woodridge Connect includes a state-of-the-art learning device for each learner, and covers its connectivity.

Fees & Deposits

Application fee

R500 payable on application.


R6,000 payable upon provisional acceptance.

Payment Options

Option 1: R3,200 per month over 12 months (tuition only, device to be purchased separately – once-off cost).

Option 2: R3,750 per month over 12 months (connectivity and device included).

Option 3: R4,500 per month over 10 months (connectivity and device included).

Terms & Conditions

This deposit is 100% refundable upon your child’s graduation from Grade 12 (after being with the school for a minimum of 3 years).

Should your child leave the school earlier, you will receive a pro-rata portion based on how long they’ve been with the school.


  • Once-off payment upfront: R40,500 payable by 25th January 2022.
  • Debit order over 10 months: R4,500pm – 1st payment due on 1st February 2022.
  • Choose to supply your own data and reduce your fees by R450pm (minimum of 10mbps upload and 10mbps download speed).

Try Us Out!

Our proposition opposes a one size fits all approach to life and education. We endeavour to offer flexibility in terms of subject choice, as well as the opportunity to pay-as-you-go for additional courses and add-ons.

We hope that this will enable you to curate a learning experience that is suited to your and your child’s unique needs and life circumstances.

Choose two or more subjects (of which one includes English)

  • English – R6,750
  • Tier 1: Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Mathematics – R5,500 each.
  • Tier 2: Natural Sciences & Social Sciences – R3,500 each.
  • Tier 3: Life Orientation, EMS / Accounting, Creative Arts, Technology, IT & Robotics (includes your kit) – R2,500 each.
  • Add your device and accessories for R6,250.
  • Bring your own data or include data for R5,500.

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