Academic Coach (Part-Time)

Location: Anywhere (Work from home)

Languages: English

Employment: Part-time (subject to Coach’s availability and learner requirements)

Rates: Per hour rates available

The Role

At Woodridge Connect we believe in connecting our learners to their greatest potential. In the online world this can only be done through a focused effort towards accountability, support and facilitating the child’s development.

To make this possible, we’re working with a team of academic coaches who will walk a journey with each learner. This allows for human connection, a personalised approach, and as the role of the coach doubles as someone who can mentor and provide pastoral care for each learner. We believe in supporting each learner, based on their learning stage, individualising their experiences and developing their interests.

The right candidate will be enthusiastic and passionate about the online education space, excited to research new ideas and platforms, have a creative knack and a heart for the Woodridge Connect vision. They must be able to work well with people, work within deadlines, and are committed to seeing each learner succeed.



  • One, 45 minute session with the learner and their parent. You will assist the learner to draw up a contract of their goals for the coming month.
  • 15 minute session, alternate weeks, to assess progress, provide the learner with the support needed to achieve their goals. Providing additional resources to the learner as outlined below.

What you’ll achieve

  • Develop: You will develop and implement an academic contract with each learner based on their goals and potential for growth. You will also research platforms and additional exercises to support each learner’s learning journey.
  • Support: We expect that you will support each learner in all their needs. This includes academic, extra-curricular and emotional support. Whether that means marking assignments, giving feedback to facilitators, researching new courses, developing study skills or merely encouraging and checking in with each learner daily, you will ultimately be responsible for their success.
  • Fun: We expect our academic coaches to make the learning experience fun! Your passion for each learner’s development and success should shine brightly through every interaction. You should be their closest friend, mentor and shoulder to cry on, while having the best time every time they see you.

Skills and toolsets you’ll bring

  • Experience & Qualifications: Our academic coaches should have some experience in either education or coaching. You may have tutored in the past, or have some type of psychological background. But it’s up to you to show us that you are a good fit for this role!
  • Tech savvy: You need to understand how technology can be used to emphasize and explain concepts online. You should be comfortable with using online tools, including video conferencing tools, and understanding the challenges of teaching and learning in an online classroom. You know how to engage learners, hold them accountable, laugh together, and learn together!
  • Care and passion: Our learners are important to us. In light of the Woodridge Connect vision and values that emphasise connection, we hope that you will show care and enthusiasm in every interaction, and find ways of communicating to every learner that they matter. Do you still remember the highs and lows of being a teenager? It’s tough out there!
  • Creativity: Think outside the box! How can we make online (learning) fun? Find new platforms, encourage and incentivise their growth and development. The world is your oyster! Let’s transform the landscape of education together.

Nice to haves

  • Experience with online teaching
  • Be a team player
  • Ability to work independently, remotely and flexibly and meet deadlines timeously
  • Courage and enthusiasm to propose new ideas and new ways of doing things
  • Counselling or psychological background to provide pastoral care at a deeper level
  • Self-starter taking initiative and ability to drive conversations

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