Tutoring (Part-Time)

Location: Anywhere

Language of Instruction: English

Employment:  Part-time (subject to Tutor’s availability and team requirements availability and team requirements)

Rates: Per lesson rates available

Range of subjects and grades.

The Role

At Woodridge Connect we believe in creating experiences that stretch our learners beyond the classroom. Utilising the best of the online world, technology and cybergogy that pushes the boundaries, we aim to develop and stimulate our learners according to the IEB curriculum, as well as their interests.

To make this possible, we’re working with a team of Lesson Facilitators that will oversee the culture and effectiveness of online learning, project-based learning, and independent learner work time. Woodridge Connect facilitators work directly with learners in online classes, small groups, and individual settings.

We believe in consistent, high quality delivery, and as such we’re looking to work with lesson facilitators that can think outside the box and integrate technology and education. The right candidate will be enthusiastic and passionate about the online education space, excited to research new ideas and platforms, have a creative knack and a heart for the Woodridge Connect vision. They also work well with people, engage pupils well, show insight into the virtual classroom, and are committed to facilitating lessons to ensure that our learners achieve their maximum potential. They need to encourage self-confidence and ability in each learner and help them in their growth process and learning. The lesson facilitator will create opportunities for engagement between the learner and the teacher as well as with other learners in the class.

What you’ll achieve

  • Facilitate: You will facilitate online tutorials – provide additional tutorial exercises, fresh and engaging learning content specifically for your class, support group discussions and respond to queries on the chat group. You will drive learner development by actively providing feedback and learner support.
  • Excellence: We provide curricula and lesson plans that you need to follow. We have clear and high expectations for your Lesson Facilitation.
  • Fun: We expect our Lesson Facilitators to bring fun back to the classroom! If you’re having fun, the learners will have fun too. Your passion and enthusiasm for your subject shines brightly when you deliver a high quality lesson.

Skills and toolsets you’ll bring

  • Experience & Qualifications: Our lesson facilitators must be SACE registered with IEB teaching experience. You should have relevant online teaching experience. You are an active listener who asks questions.
  • Tech savvy: You need to understand how technology can be used to emphasise and explain concepts in the classroom. You should be comfortable with using online tools, including video conferencing tools, and dealing with the challenges of teaching in an online classroom. You know how to engage learners, get them to work together, laugh together, and learn together!
  • Care and passion: Our learners are important to us. In light of the Woodridge Connect vision and values that emphasise connection, we hope that you will show care and enthusiasm in every interaction, and find ways of communicating that every learner matters too. You are enthusiastic, patient and always keep the goal in mind. Our team is alert to signs that learners might be experiencing difficulties including bullying, substance abuse, emotional problems, or issues at home, and should be referred to the appropriate person for follow up.
  • Creativity: Think outside the box! How can we make online fun? Flipped classroom, asking for learner feedback, fun experiments and demonstrations… The world is your oyster! Let’s transform the landscape of education together.

Nice to haves

  • Love working in a team
  • Ability to work independently, remotely and flexibly
  • Courage and enthusiasm to propose new ideas and new ways of doing things
  • Additional talents and skills to contribute toward our Extra-Curricular activities
  • Interest and ability to act as an academic coach to our learners

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