Our Partnership with Paterson High School

Who is Paterson High School?

A school placed within a developing community led by a team of educators that want to uplift their pupils.

Why did we choose them?

We are walking a journey with their Grade 8C pupils to assist the school in helping these pupils become on par with a Model-C school by the time they reach Matric.

This partnership allows us to not only support these pupils in their educational endeavours but to go beyond the curriculum and provide them with programs that include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Theme-based learning
  • Leadership development
  • Outdoor Education
  • And much more

How does it work?

Through sponsorships, we can provide each student with a device that includes all their learning resources.

  • We work alongside the teachers to provide tuition support to these pupils through video resources, gamified platforms, and live lessons.
  • They have safe and protected access to their devices, should they be obliged to take the device home.