A Rare Combination of Heritage, Innovation & Experience

Why Woodridge Connect?

Deeply rooted in our Woodridge College heritage, we embrace our existing culture and identity, as well as change and this, is what sets us apart from our counterparts as a pioneering online high school built on tradition yet embracing innovation.

Because we understand the challenges within the traditional education system, we use our combined experience and technology to afford our learners the ability to make the most of their innate potential and thrive in the future. This commitment to our duty in society fills us with pride as we live our passion for educating the next generation.

We are Woodridge Connect. An online high school that offers a holistic education, going beyond online learning to deliver excellence through practical experiences and theoretical, academic education.

Future Proofing through Flexibility, Freedom & Agility

Tech, business and academic experts, from around the world, estimate that up to 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet.

Flexibility in learning, and agility for evolved subject provision, are the buzzwords that govern the drive to provide quality education for students in preparing them for the future. The future requires us to be brave and daring.

As we imagine the future, we need to create an education that connects us to its possibilities, and that’s what we do at Woodridge Connect.

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Through the deployment of specialist education practitioners and the provision of learning material that has been specifically crafted for online delivery, Woodridge Connect aims to provide pupils studying towards an IEB qualification with a learning experience that has unique and unrivalled features including:

  • A number of integrated platforms which will ensure exciting delivery and optimal engagement.
  • Accommodation of different learning styles through data analytics and insights.
  • Bespoke learning material with a personalised approach.
  • A blended learning approach which allows pupils a flexible curriculum with structured timelines, thus providing the best of both worlds.

Passionate About Making High Quality Education Available to Learners from All Backgrounds

In line with our goal to make quality education more accessible to more people, we have implemented a programme that gives learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds free access to the Woodridge Connect platform.

This is achieved through a sponsorship, and a solid partnership with Paterson High School, a school placed within a historically disadvantaged community, led by a team of educators that want to uplift their pupils.

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We work alongside the teachers to provide tuition support to Grade 8 pupils, giving them the opportunity to be on par with a Model-C school by the time they reach Matric.

This is achieved through the use of donated Woodridge Connect devices, video resources, gamified platforms and live lessons.

This partnership allows us to not only support these pupils in their educational endeavours, but also to go beyond the curriculum and provide them with life skill programmes, including:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Theme-based learning
  • Leadership development
  • Outdoor education
  • And much more

Giving Back

We have implemented a programme that gives learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds free access to the Woodridge Connect platform.

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