Passionate about making high school education available to learners from all backgrounds

In line with our goal to make quality education easily accessible, no matter where you may be, we have teamed up with some amazing partners to bring this goal into reality.

Paterson High School

We are walking a journey with their Grade 8C pupils to assist the school by putting their education on par with a Model-C school by the time they reach Matric.

This partnership allows us to not only support these pupils in their educational endeavours but to go beyond the curriculum and provide them with programmes that include emotional intelligence, theme-based learning, leadership development, outdoor education and more.


We have partnered with ENGin, an English tutoring company that pairs volunteers with individuals in Ukraine. Our students at Woodridge Connect now have the opportunity to volunteer their time in tutoring a Ukrainian English online.

The benefits for the volunteers include a fantastic opportunity to engage with others and improve their intercultural skills. Read more about how learners can broaden their horizons and teach English here.